Used Kevlar Canoe – Souris River Quetico 17 in Le Tigre Kevlar

This is a used Souris River Quetico 17 in Le Tigre kevlar  from Red Rock Wilderness Store.  It is in excellent condition with fully intact skid plates, good seats, straight gunwales, new condition yoke pads. and no stress marks.  The normal price for this canoe new is $3145 plus $45 for skid plates.  The price we are selling this one at is $2499.  You savings is $646 off of the new price IF you can live with a Quetico 17 that has scratches in it.   Scratches are meaningless to a Souris River.  This is not a foam core, vinylester resin,  Wenonah wonder.   This is a heat-cured, epoxy resin, full-sheet-construction, four layer, fiberglass outside, integrated skid plate, extruded (not scored & folded) black anodized gunwale, flexible rib Souris River.  It weighs 43-44 lbs.  Max payload is 1100 pounds.  Working payload is two 200 lb. paddlers and 350 pounds of gear and you’ll still have 8 inches of freeboard in the center of the canoe.  If you know Quetico 17’s you’ll note that they are very stable, way fast enough on the water fully loaded to cover good distance in a day, handle incredibly rough water like a champ and NEVER change paddling characteristics when loaded with gear or paddled empty.

If you have a mishap and fold this canoe in half, odds are very good that it can be repaired and on the water again in relatively little time.  No other canoe is capable of having the dents kicked out and it being paddled home, and this is particularly true for all foam core kevlar canoes.  But don’t take my word for it.  Go online and look up souris river quetico 17 in any of the paddling forums and see what they say about it.

This is the best canoe money can buy.  We can get you a new one and you can put the first scratch in it (happens immediately upon signing the credit card receipt) or you can save a bundle and get a canoe that works the exact same way with scratches.  If you’d like to buy this one in the video, please call with a credit card, purchase and pick up at your convenience this fall.  This is Canoe “G”   218-365-4512

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