Ice Gear Clearance At Red Rock

Ice Fishing Clearance Sale is ON at Red Rock Online

All kinds of great stuff priced to move out our door and onto the ice!  have you priced a set of Jiffy Stealth blades recently?  They are over $120 bucks but right now, you can get them for under $70 while supplies last at Red Rock!  And, that’s not all!  We have ONE Nils 27CC 10″ auger remaining going for a significant discount along with Eskimo Propane Augers and winter parkas, tackle, fishing rods and accessories.  Our lack of space is your gain!   Summer merchandise is heading our way so we need to find a home for all this great ice gear.  Use it all this season and be ready to go next season – at huge savings!

Here’s the link to the page with the stuff you see below:  Click Here for our Online Catalog

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