Yeah, yeah, I know….more Salmo Lures.

But, Salmo has some really cool lures!  These are particularly interesting because that Salmo Pike is a nice little replica of a baby northern pike right down the ocular ridges (eyebrow bones).  For some reason, (I theorize in the video) big walleyes like to attack that Salmo Pike.  Over the years, we’ve had several customers who’ve reported some pretty hefty walleyes in the good walleye months of Minnesota which are May and June.  Later on in the season, that baby northern may look out of place regarding it’s size relative to other baby northerns and that might explain why it seems to do better in the early season.  That being said, it probably wouldn’t hurt to throw it around reefs, cabbage weeds and into shore for bass.  I’d give it a shot if I was there.  You may have the really hot new lure in your box!

The Salmo Skinner is a slower-wobble minnow lure that looks like dead-minnow-swimming.  The Real Roach color in the Salmo Skinner could pass off as a lake shiner, a sucker minnow, or a ciscoe.  The lazy wobble gives it a wounded presentation to unsuspecting lunker northerns wanting a quick snack.  Cast it or troll it.  I would go along the edges of weed beds and over the tops of  deeper reefs and rock piles.  Add some weight in front of it (1/4 ounce rubber core sinker about 14″-18″ in front of the lure) and troll it along big lunker regions.  Be prepared for a hard hit and a screaming drag.

Check out the Salmo Pike here      See the Salmo Skinner here