When I was a kid, if you didn’t have at least one Prescott Strip On Spinner in your tackle box, you weren’t ready to go fishing.  Every tackle box I ever looked into had at least one Prescott Strip On Spinner in it.  Sometimes, they were in the top drawers of a tackle box and other times they were rusting in the bottom.  Everybody had them, not everyone knew how to use them.  Prescott Strip Ons were primarily a northern pike fishing rig, but in the early part of the year many fished for lakers with great success.  All you needed was a big dead minnow or a cisco.

To use it, just remove the twin hook that is through the elongated loop on the bottom end of the rig.  Then, take that elongated loop and stick it in the dead minnows mouth and have it come out the anal vent of the fish. Re-hang the double hook  and pull the strip on spinner back out of the minnows mouth until the top of the hook is back in the guts of the minnow.    You want to make it so the hook is on both sides of the tail of the fish.  Then,  slide the “T” tube into the minnow’s mouth, connect to your line with a snap-swivel and cast over the top of cabbage weeds or add weight and troll.

Brace for impact.  Cast about 3 times in the SAME spot and work a radius relative to your position on the water.  When the northerns wake up and begin attacking, do not fall out of the boat.  You may not survive.  They will shred that minnow until there are only tatters of what once was a fish, hanging on that six inch wire.    It’s like a firestorm of Minnesota piranhas swarming at your bait.

So, get with the program, already.  It’s 2014 and whether you use it or not, it is tacitly implied that in order to be a knowledgeable fisherman/woman,  you need at least one Prescott Strip On Spinner in your tackle box.  Just think, there are several generations who have absolutely no clue as to what this lure is or how it works.  But you know now!

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