Over the weekend, we received numerous phone calls and online orders for Moonshine #3 Shiver Minnows.  Order upon order wanted multiple colors of  Shiver Minnows and we were wondering why.  I called up  Moonshine to check their stock of Shiver Minnows as I needed to get an order together.  We had a lot in stock but there were lots ordered so in order to get some in everybody’s hands, we shipped what we had to everybody and back-ordered the rest..  Moonshine had stock in place so we figured out what we needed and placed the order.

The reason for the big order run was that Gary Parsons won $80,000 with a #3 Shiver Minnow .  Here is his FB page  Funny thing is that Gary posted the picture along with the color of the Shiver Minnow he used and we shipped very few of that color out.  It’s a Yellow Tail which is Green and White  –  I know it is confusing as heck but these are glow lures which glow in differen.  Moonshine lures are among the brightest, longest glowing lures intended for vertical jigging.  From what I read, Gary Parsons simply cast  and retrieved the lure.  It caught walleyes.     He tried Rapala Jigging Raps but said the action on the Shiver Minnows is entirely different.  He caught nothing on the Rapala Jigging Rap and everything on the Shiver Minnows by Moonshine Lures.  Now, I gotta go and try one of these out.  Wouldn’t you know it, I have some in my tackle box(s).

So, this is what we were doing on Tuesday morning and given the fame that this little lure will be seeing soon, it could be a really busy week.   Walleye fishermen are a very determined bunch.

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