Nils USA has done it again!  They now have an ice auger that breaks down in to several different options for packability and convenience in drilling holes in the ice.   This is  the new Nils USA Trekker Ice Auger.  Trekker refers to an ice auger that you can take apart with no tools and break down to put inside of a pack, doglsed,  bush plane or pulk.  Currently,  I don’t know of any ice auger anywhere that has this capability.

The Nils USA Trekker now allows you to pick the length of the shaft to match the conditions.

The new Nils Trekker auger is available in 3 different diameters:  4.5″ 6″ and 8″.  You can configure your auger to meet the season.  For early ice, grab your cordless drill, attach the cordless adapter to the longer length of shaft and drill away.  For the 4.5″ and 6″ and 18 volt cordless or larger will do the job.  For the 8″ ice auger, your minimum should be a 24 volt drill and ideally a 36 volt.  Now, don’t think for a minute that you can’t drill in thick ice with the cordless adapter on your Nils Trekker.  It is very possible, but there will be more strain on your drill battery so it stands to reason that you will get less holes in thicker ice.  The feed back we’ve heard would be that in 15″ of ice, you can drill a whole bunch of holes depending on your battery.  20-40 holes, is what we’ve heard using various different brand cordless drills.  That ought to be enough.  If you need more holes, get the Tanaka motor and drill a bunch  in 36 inches of ice.  That’s a healthy ice thickness.

The beauty of the cordless option lies in the handle for the hand auger part.   Depending on your battery, you can drill a bunch of holes with a decent cordless drill.   But remember to put the handle in the bottom of the sled before you head out.  If your battery conks out due to age, past usage, or cold temps, you can still drill a lot more by hand because nothing drills like a Nils.  This HAND  ice auger will run circles around many gas augers in a side by side comparison.  By the time you get the gas auger warmed up and idling, the Nils has already drilled a hole – by hand!    Plus, the motor always starts.  And, with the 6″ auger you can do this in over 20″ of ice at 53 years old without having chest pains:

With the Tanaka Gas Motor adapter, just stick it on any of the three sizes and turn the ice into swiss cheese.  That is an awesome lightweight motor.

Which diameter Nils auger should you own?

Perch and bluegills:  4.5″ Nils

Walleyes, northern pike, rainbow trout, bass crappies:  6″ Nils if the ice is not too thick

Walleyes, northern pike, rainbow trout, bass, lake trout, tuna, big-ass crappies:  8″ Nils

Thicker ice warrants a larger diameter hole since hitting the “target” way down there can be challenging with bigger fish.

Tip: The 6″ Nils auger smokes through the ice.  Need a bigger hole?  Drill two 6″ holes right next to each other and knock out the middle with a chisel or a Nils Ice Saw.  Takes only a minute and you’ve got a 6 x 12 hole through which you can pull a tuna.  Ice fishing for tuna is the next big thing.

Another Tip:    If you loosen the wing nut that attaches it to the teal green shaft, you can swing the handle down and re-tighten the wing nut to make the assembled auger more packable for your sled.

Yet another tip:  Nils handle is offset.  You use BOTH arms to turn the auger and you do not use downward pressure.  Let the cutting head do the work.  All you do is spin the auger shaft and hold it vertical.  The auger will burrow itself into the ice.  No pushing, just turning.

NIls ice auger, nils master, nils trekker
Nils Trekker

We sell more 8″ Nils in areas with lake trout and this year, Nils USA came out with the 10″ Nils Power Auger.  That unit is the fastest 10 inch auger on the planet.  Why we need to speed-drill 10″ holes is beyond me but for those who want to have a big hole in which to drop their cell phone into the abyss even easier plus maybe even their brand new FL 28 Vexilar (it happened), the Nils USA 10″ Power Auger is available.   Now, the 10 inch Nils is not available for hand or in the Trekker model for pack-ability.  It’s power only.  I’ll eventually have a video here as soon as I find it on the net.

So, back to pack-ability.  Nils USA Trekker will fit in airplanes, pack sacks, dog sleds, and pulks.  If need the best but space is limited, you now have the best option in the Nils Trekker Ice Auger package.

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