Well, this is cool!  Marcum is noted for it’s excellent underwater cameras used primarily for ice fishing.  While the concept of using WIFI to transmit a signal to your tablet or smartphone is not really new, my feeling is that with a Marcum, you’ll be getting a really good camera.  The gear you see below is a round box that contains a wireless signal transmitter battery and one of Marcum’s high quality underwater cameras.  Anyone who has the free app (you download from online) and the code can watch what is going on in the hole as far as fish are concerned.  This means that when your buddies are in the wheelhouse or large popup and everybody is comfortable, all they need to do to see what is happening underwater is to whip out their smartphones and watch for themselves.  No more looking over everybody else’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of that 23 pound northern pike that is swimming straight towards Larry’s minnow.  Just look at your phone or tablet from the PanCam signal and you’ve got a clear, Marcum quality picture of wherever that camera is pointing.

Now , that being said, just like any other camera, when the sun hits the treeline, your picture is going to get grainy until it is down all the way at which point, you turn on the lights of the camera and watch the walleye eyes swim past.  I’ll be the first to admit it, cameras are a blast all the time.  You can learn a lot from a camera by watching how fish react.  Like without a camera, I would never have known that northern pike back up a half inch just before they strike.  Also,  I would never have known that at times  northern pike go vertical slowly when they plan to attack bluegills from the top!  I would have never seen why bluegill are shaped the way they are to allow them to travel through the 6′ high, leafless stocks of cabbage weeds all spaced a half inch apart.  Northern pike can’t jam their wider noses through the bases of the weeds and the sunnies just slip through effortlessly while feeding.  I learned all this from hours and hours of using an underwater camera.  And you can, too.

If you want to become a better fisherman, you have to think like a fish.  Since we can’t yet read the minds of fish (can’t be much in there – I watch them on cameras – they were put here for us to eat, definitely), we have to watch them in their element.  If you have kids who might get bored ice fishing, a Marcum PanCam will have them talking for a long time after the fishing trip.

MarCum Pancam WiFi Camera System from up to 300′ away on your mobile device; all you need to do is lower the camera into the water. MarCum’s app, available on apple iOS and Android™ platforms, lets you pan, adjust lighting and record images. Information is transferred through your mobile devices WiFi network via transmitter base. Network multiple cameras so you can cover the area you’re fishing. Sony’s most powerful Super HAD II CCD camera features a 1/3″ image sensor and Darkwater LED lighting at the end of a 50′ cable to pick up images in the depths. The base-integrated cable spool provides an ergonomic package to keep you mobile on the ice. An internal, rechargeable battery provides six to eight hours of runtime and recharges through a 110-volt outlet. Includes a padded soft case to protect your investment.
  • MarCum’s app available on apple iOS and Android platforms
  • Pan, adjust lighting and record images through your mobile device
  • Uses your mobile devices WiFi network via transmitter base
  • Ability to network multiple cameras to cover the ice
  • Includes Sony’s most powerful Super HAD II CCD camera
  • The base-integrated cable spool provides an ergonomic package
  • Internal, rechargeable battery provides six to eight hours of runtime


Marcum PanCam for ice fishing with WIFI
Marcum PanCam for your tablet or smart phone

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