NEW for 2014/15  –   ION Power Ice Auger with Reverse


I’ve used the ION and it does zip through the ice!  It only weighs 22 lbs. and comes with an extension for deep ice.  We’ve also sold several of these to lots of ice fishermen both far and near.  I literally just got feedback from a guy who bought an ION from us two years ago when they first came out.  He told me he used it for two winters now and still loves it.  That’s good news!   He likes the push-button use – no gas, no mixing oil, no cranking, no fumes, no mess in the car, no issues – it just starts and drills.   Apparently the same thoughts are everywhere as many people own them and enough time has passed to identify the quirks and limitations that every piece of equipment will have.

When considering an ION, here is what I think you may need to know.  I don’t believe that you will get the 8 zillion holes they promise on the box with one charge.  Why?  When the battery gets cold, it doesn’t like to go.  Now, knowing that, if you keep the battery off of the auger and in a soft-sided, cheap cooler when not in use, that will help a lot.  Keep it somewhere insulated from extreme cold like we have in northeastern Minnesota and it’ll do better.  Also, if you get the 6″ Ion auger, you will be able to drill more holes.   Finally, if you plan on drilling 10-20 holes per day and you’ll never have a problem.  If you are in warmer areas such as Michigan and central/southern Minnesota & Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa,you will get longer run times and more holes – plus the ice there is not as hard.  Northern Minnesota is tougher for electric augers – but again – if you are cutting 10-20 holes in a day in 30″ of ice and good with that, then, it will do a great job for you.  Just keep the battery warm.

One other note that doesn’t seem to be getting a ton of emphasis and it should:  The ION ice auger now has a reverse.  The reverse is like what was available on the Ice Gator which were a powerful auger but really heavy (back when we stocked them).  Having a reverse on the ION means you drill the hole, kick away a bunch of chips and the remaining chips you kick into the hole and hit the reverse. It’s “chips ahoy” and you start fishing.   This is a fast way to get to the important part of your day – sitting on a bucket looking down the hole.  The reverse is also good for one other situation and at least 4 times, I’ve wished gas augers had a reverse.  When you get an auger stuck in the ice because it cracks when you are drilling and then binds the shaft in the hole, having a reverse is a good thing.

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Ion® 40V Electric Auger

  • Go at the push of a button
  • The lithium-ion battery powers a brushless electric motor
  • Planetary-gear transmission
  • No-Catch Cutting System
  • Straight Through blade design virtually eliminates catching the ice
  • Reverse feature powers slush back down the hole for easy scooping
NEW! 40V no more mixing fuel and unreliable starting, the Ion 40V Electric Auger drills instantly at the push of a button. The lithium-ion battery powers a brushless electric motor through a planetary-gear transmission, driving the auger bit effortlessly through hard water. Their No-Catch Cutting System with the Straight Through™ blade design virtually eliminates catching the ice. The reverse switch eliminates the skimmer by flushing the ice down the hole and out of your way. Includes a 12″ auger extension.
Drill size: 8″ dia, 34″L (46”L with extension installed).
Wt: 22 lbs.