This is the Marcum RT-9 Sonar/GPS combo.  It is as high as you can possibly go in fish finders. You may not realize it, but this is rugged, Android-based tablet that you can remove from the unit and use it as a tablet at home in your living room when you are not in the wheel house or in an Eskimo 6120i six sided pop-up.

I’ll be honest that this is a little hard for me to wrap my head around all the tech-weenie stuff this RT-9 sonar is capable of performing.   I got the whole GPS thing and it reads Navionic chips so you can locate where you want to go at home in your living room.  Then, you can tell it to go to that spot when you are on your snowmobile and you can follow the little indicator to guide you there.

Then, it has the fixin’s of the LX 9 with the flashers, show-down bars and graphs.  You can do this full screen or split scree shared with the GPS if you want.  You also have the ability to a camera and plug it in and view it on the tablet.   Then, you can buy more base units and watch a whole bunch of fishfinders in different holes kind of like making an electronic dragnet of sorts.  You can now become a veritable fighting force with the Marcum RT 9 Sonar/GPS.   It’s like fish surveillance.  Nothing can get past your electronic capabilities.   Plus you get rugged tablet that you can use for other stuff as well and it will be waterproof to boot!

So, if you want the top rung in ice fishing for now and I’m guessing quite some time into the future,  the Marcum RT-9 Sonar/GPS fish finder is your go to gear.


Marcum RT-9 Sonar/Gps
As high as you can get in fish finders.

We love new technology and find out more on your next hard-water-fishing trip with the 9″ MarCum RT-9 Sonar GPS Combo.  Performance Pack houses tablet and battery. Uses one 12-volt, 9-amp battery (included). Charger included.

  • Uses the Android™-tablet platform for convenient portability
  • Compatible with full 3-D Navionics® Mapping and Navionics+ Community so you get the most current charts each time you go out on the water
  • See multiple ice-fishing holes on a single display with the dual-beam digital sonar module
  • Modular system has three data ports to connect to ice sonar, open water sonar or camera module for ideal customization
  • Accepts an underwater camera for a live, crystal-clear underwater view
  • On-screen temperature reading, depth and direction overlays
  • Built-in DVR

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