OK Ice Fishing America –  You asked for it, you got it.  Nils USA has come out with the 10 INCH NILS POWER AUGER!  Egads!!!!   No, this is not available with the hand crank – power only.

“..and so said the god of Ice Fishing:  I shall name him Brutus… (and Brutus Jr.)…”

Nils 10" Power Ice Augers
Nils 10″ Power Ice Augers

Below are two videos of the new Nils 10″ power auger with the 27CC and 35cc Tanaka motors on them.  The man doing the drilling is Mr. Nils USA himself, JP Raatikainen from New Hampshire.  He’s drilling four 10″ holes  in 30″ of ice and does it in 56 seconds with the big motor and one “really slow” 10″ hole in 34″ of ice with the little motor (standard).   I challenge you to find an auger  – any power auger-  that offers this kind of speed and still weighs only 26- 28 pounds.   Sure, you can soup up a motor on any Swedish auger but when you finally get through, can you lift it up?    The “down” part is always easy.  It’s the “oof-da UP” part that kills one’s back.   Nils eliminates that through excellent cutting head design and better gas motors.   They can deliver far more power with a much smaller package because they are simply built better.  Get this: the average gas, air-cooled engine built for an ice auger is made to run about 200 hours and then it goes to recycling.  Now, 200 hours is a ridiculously generous amount of time for  drilling holes because when you think about it, you don’t drill an hour total per day on the average ice fishing trip.  A Tanaka on the other hand is made to run at an industrial 600 hours and then it is shot.  Now, you are never going to get to 600 hours unless you fish on the ice for a living, but, this illustrates the quality and tolerances of the Tanaka motor.  Tighter tolerances and stronger constructions translates into more horsepower.  Looser tolerances of the 200 hour motors need bigger parts to deliver the same amount of torque, which adds weight.

Then, there is ONE final reason why the Tanaka is the most serious motor on the ice:  the warranty.  Get this: A Tanaka comes with a 7 YEAR WARRANTY.  The ONLY reason a company will stand behind any product for that long is because of how is was built in the first place.  Seven years of warranty means they are ridiculously confident about how their motors will perform.  Now if YOU screw it up with bad gas or forgetting the oil, that’s on you.  But, if you use it normally, it’s a pretty reliable motor that packs a huge punch with regards to ice augers and drilling.  When combined with the Nils auger, you can have popwer, speed and light weight all wrapped up in one awesome package.

And get this:  You can buy just the drill shaft and cutting head in the 10″ and stick it on your 27CC Tanaka powerhead.   Cost for just the lower unit is $349.95.

Like all Nils Power Augers, use 50:1 gas mix with a good quality, two-stroke oil that is TCA approved (Two Cycle AIR).  Then after a couple of tanks of gas go through it, you can switch the oil to Amsoil Saber TCA oil at a mix of 75: 1 (75 parts gas to 1 part oil).  You’ll end up cutting down on the smoke dramatically and when you drill in your permanent shack or wheelhouse, you don’t get the blue smoke fumigation issues with normal two stroke 50:1 augers.  Plus, due to expert blade design, the Nils auger can drill bigger holes faster with a smaller power head.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the videos:

Brutus Jr. – Nils 10″ with the 27 CC engine – this is the regular engine that is on all past Nils Power Augers – It’s wimpy:

Brutus – Nils 10″ with the 35CC engine.  Less wimpy:



These augers are the most expensive in the world – and they are the best.   If you want the best you get a Nils.

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