Current UPDATE on Strikemaster Lithium:  They figure they’ll have these to ship sometime in January.  Yeah, I know.  Whoopdeefriggin’doo!  Isn’t that ridiculous?  Last winter they had a defective switch and nobody made a switch – in the entire world and all of China – that could  be used to solve this problem.   Strikemaster recalled them all because they would not shut off and some would start up in the back of your Suburban, turning good ice gear into bad ice gear.  So, now, I talked to a rep from Rapala -October 7, 2015  (who owns Strikemaster) and he told me they were hoping to be able to deliver new ones by November or December or January….in other words: Who the heck knows?   Right now, I would say that you can’t count on these being completed for this winter season based on that discussion.   It’s a switch.  I can’t understand why it is so hard to solve, but I’m not a manufacturer and everything looks easy from my perspective.

For the newest information on the Strikemaster Lithium Lazer 50 volt, I just was on the ice with it yesterday, Nov. 30, 2014.  You can now watch over 6 minutes of gripping, hole-drilling excitement by Joe from and the writer of this very blog – Click  Here

Strikemaster Lithium Lazer 50 Volt Ice Auger
Power to spare with this lithium ion ice auger

Old Initial Review:  Strikemaster has jumped on the electric power band wagon after seeing the success of the ION lithium battery ice auger.   I can’t say that I’m disappointed by this.  Competition means that we get nicer stuff.  In the case of Strikemaster, knowing that the American ice fisherman is all about “more power”, they hopped up their model with a 50 volt power source instead of the 40 volt put out by ION.  I also find it interesting that the ION has a 36 volt motor and a 40 volt battery.  They don’t advertise that but when you take one apart, you’ll note that on the motor.  It apparently works just fine as we have many customers who now own them.
On the Strikemaster Lithium Lazer,  the battery charge time is about 2 hours for a full 50 volt charge.  Having this bigger battery capacity  (Note that  I said “capacity” &  not “size”  because the battery pack is not really huge at all), allows you to drill more holes per charge with the Strikemaster according to their tests.   In field testing, they actually got higher numbers of holes but it looks like they’ve settled on the more conservative number.

What I like about this auger is the size.  It is relatively compact and had traditional handles on it.  The ION is more funny looking but seem to work just fine.   The Strikemaster does not come with an auger extension but has the standard Lazer Mag shaft of 42″ (I guess).  The Strikemaster is a fast auger and lies in between the Lazer Mag – mixed gas version and the Strikelite Honda 4 stroke as far as performance.  That’s way fast enough for anybody.  That being said, I just hear a rep say that Strikemaster’s gas Lazer Mag is the fastest auger – nuh-uh.  The fastest auger is the Nils Power Auger hands down.  If you want speed drilling, that is the auger you want.  If you want holes in reasonable times, the Strikemaster Litihium Lazer will do just fine for you.

What I think I’d like on the Strikemaster Lithium Lazer Mag:  a reverse button (not the end of the world as it took ION two full seasons to add that).   Some sort of insulating case for the battery pack.  You just know, that like the ION, you are going to need to keep the battery warm or you will lose your power.

Summary:  This will be a particularly good wheelhouse auger.  No mess, no fuss, cuts ice like a banshee.  It will also work for day-trip fishing outside, but you will need to keep the battery warm.  If you will be out mainly for extended trips with no decent power source for charging, I would recommend a gas mix auger.  Nothing has the energy of liquid gasoline packed in so small a space and while keeping a gas auger warmer is OK, a cold auger that is not all gummed up will start in pretty cold temps where a battery auger will have issues.

24” Ice. 56 Holes. Incredibly Fast. All on a single Charge.
Taking advantage of the most modern technology available, the StrikeMaster® Lithium Lazer™ auger provides consistent speed and torque without reduced power. Features an electric motor powered by 50-Volt Lithium Ion Battery. The Lithium Lazer is equipped with a full size 8” steel drill and twin Stainless Steel Mora Lazer Blades. Built on the proven StrikeMaster American Made 25:1 Transmission and Polymer Gear Casting it delivers maximum efficiency with a lighter weight than ever before.

  • Drill Size: 8″
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Easy On/Off removable 50-volt Lithium Ion Battery
  • LED Light Safety ON/OFF Power Switch
  • On board indicator quick-check battery status
  • Fast Charging – 2 hour – 2-amp Battery Charger
  • Mora™ Twin Stainless Steel Lazer Blades
  • American Made 25:1 Transmission with Heat Treated Steel Gears
  • Polymer Gear Casting Yields Lightweight Power
  • Oversized Throttle for ease-of-use
  • VANDAR® Long Filament High Impact Handles
  • Environmental/Quiet/Zero Emissions
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty on Motor, Limited 1-Year Warranty on Battery

Order your Strikemaster Lithium Lazer Mag ice auger here