They call it a “system”, I call it cool!  That’s hippy-dippy talk for this is a really neato camera.  This is a Marcum VS 485c underwater camera that is a flat-screen, neatly packaged, color unit.  Yeah, yeah, everybody is selling a neato camera, I know.  But this one is different.

Marcum 485 c Underwater Camera - Viewing System
Marcum 485 c Underwater Camera – Viewing System

I like Marcum cameras.  I’ve spent a considerable number of years  fishing with cameras, including several different models of Marcums,  Aqua Vu’s and some off-brands that I will never, ever touch or handle again.  The sharpest images have always been from Marcum.  With other brands, there were grainy images, vertical striping, stretched-out pictures because the camera was a 4:3 camera sending to a 16:9 screen (which works out to be the same with regular, non-Common-Core math applied – yet the picture was stretched until you readjusted it to have black shoulders on each side of a smaller picture).  Marcum, although they have some delivery-to-dealer issues always had a superior end result in viewing.  That little grey Sony HAD II camera (in the picture) that they use is an excellent camera.  They’ve been using it for years and years unlike other companies who switch and change depending on performance and customer griping.   They’ve been using that exact camera for many years starting with a system that was a B & W CRT that sold for under $200.  I still have and use that camera, but the rest of the world now wants digital flatscreens that are more viewable in daylight settings.  CRT’s (cathode ray tubes – regular TV) don’t do well in natural daylight.  The world also wants color so it is getting pretty hard to find a B & W nowadays.  I don’t know why – everybody knows what color the fish is and if you don’t,  catch him once and you will, but I digress…  Digital flat screens are also more compact and portable than CRT’s plus they use less juice.  You’ll get a longer burn time on your battery.

This 485c system is VERY similar to the 825c which is the spendy color unit with more whistles and bells worked in.  Part of the increased cost is the increase in screen resolution and they also put in a camera that has both a B & W sensor and Color sensor that turns the camera over to black and white once it gets below 35 feet or something like that.  Other companies simply remove color pixels from the image on the screen and you end up with a grainy image when it makes the trip  to your monitor.  Why would anybody want that?

So, the 485c will be less adjustable than the top-of-the-line Marcum 825 but rest assured that the image will be great nonetheless.   You’ll be able to drop it in the hole and watch fish.   We’ve sold a lot of Marcum viewing systems  and even their cheap cameras were great, so I would say that it is safe to expect to be “wowed” with the Marcum 485c as well.

This is a good outfit.  You’ll be happy with it and how it works for you.   It makes this affordable, better quality, flat-screen package very complete!


NOTE:  All cameras regardless of who makes them or how much they cost will go “grainy” when the sun is just about ready to hit the treeline and for a while after that into dark.


At MarCum Technologies, we set some mighty lofty goals. One of them has been to engineer the ultimate underwater viewing system. Prior to MarCum’s underwater camera mission, much of what was happening below the surface was left to the imagination. Underwater cameras existed in raw form, but the color and clarity usually left something to be desired. Rich, full color, the highest definition viewscreen and optics possible, and a complete array of on-screen displays and adjustments make this system the new industry standard in underwater cameras. From Midwest farm ponds to reefs and wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico, these systems really do reveal lunkers and their secret locations— wherever fish swim, MarCum swims right there with ‘em. See for yourself.

The MarCum® VS485C underwater viewing system proves that top-of-the-line performance doesn’t have to come with a top-shelf price tag. With a 7-inch, high-resolution flat-panel LCD screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, and an industry-best Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3-inch Image Sensor 01 Lux Camera, the VS485C system provides an underwater viewing performance that, dollar for dollar, is unmatched by any other ice-fishing camera system available today. Fishing in clear water under bluebird skies? Use the VS485C in full-color mode to see the underwater world the way nature intended. Fishing in stained water or in low-light conditions? Color Kill Technology allows you to switch over to black-and-white mode for an amazingly crisp and clear image.

  • 7″ Widescreen Flat Panel Hi-Res Monitor features switchable color and B/W LCD Video Out
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Sony Super HAD II CCD has 1/3″ Image Sensor and Darkwater LED Lighting
  • 50 ft Camera Cable
  • Includes Soft Pack Shuttle, Sun Shield, 12-volt 7-amp Rechargable Battery, 3-Stage Battery Charger and Down-View/Stabilizer Fin
  • One Year Warranty

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