At the buying show, I had the opportunity to get the skinny on the Marcum PanCam as well.  Pretty much everything I said about the unit in my initial post was accurate,  but I overlooked a critical part in the way the whole unit works.

Yes, you use the Marcum App on your iPhone or tablet to view what appears on the camera.  It sends a WIFI signal right to your phone and you can watch it.  You do not need the internet to use this WIFI signal.  This just like the JVC Adixxion II action camera that I use to shoot all my videos in these blogs.  That, too sends out a WIFI signal to a smartphone app and you can turn the camera on and off, plus record video and  take still photos.  The Marcum PanCam is the same thing.

The part that I did not understand until I actually saw the unit is that it has a built-in camera panner in the center on the underside of the unit.  You hook the provided cable to the camera panner part and set the whole shebang right over the top of of the hole.  It serves as an insulator and seals the hole from wind and cold to decrease cable freeze up.    Sliding your finger on the smartphone screen makes the camera turn whichever way you slide your finger -side to side – not up and down, of course.  The only person who is able to do this is the first person to turn on his smartphone app.  He will be the captain of the video ship.  Everybody else can watch, but he will be the master and commander of the camera panner.  All the rest of you can take pictures and record video on your smart phones, but you can’t make the camera pan.  The only way you will be able to make the camera pan will be to capture the controller and shut it off.  Then, somebody else’s phone will take over.   Sounds like a great time in the fish house after all six of you have had a couple of beers.

The other option in the Marcum PanCam is to buy just the base unit which will have the battery, the WIFI transmitter, and a spot to hook up another battery if you want more run time.  (The above model has that as well.).  With this second option unit, if you have an old camera laying around and want to use the whole WIFI panning, you can just take your Marcum camera and plug it into the unit.   This means that you now have panner control, and recording control of a camera that you had on the shelf.  Why spend more money if you don’t have to?  If you have a phone (no pen) and an underwater camera, you can do this so long as the phone is a smartphone and not a rotary dial phone from your mom’s basement.  That won’t work.  Save some $$$ and  you can remotely and wirelessly control your old Marcum Camera.  Why not?

The Marcum PanCam is available here to buy   Oh, yeah – these units come with a nice case, too.  Looks like a red hat box.