The sought-after line of Pro Tackle from Clam continues to expand due to ice-angler demand. Always fine-tuning for more applications, Clam is proud to introduce the new, compact (but noisy!) bait that will deliver pan fish and walleyes—the Time Bomb. Baited with a minnow head, eurolarvae, waxi or spike (as well as Clam’s handpoured Maki plastics) makes the new rattling spoon the bomb. The Time Bomb plummets to the bottom to fish hard and fish fast, with a Swarovski gem eye and glowing epoxy treble.

“This is the noisiest, loudest rattle spoon on the market,” said John Crane, developer of the Pro Tackle line for Clam. “You hear it go tick, tick, tick and you never know when it is going to go—BAM. Fish on.” The noise imitates crayfish crawling on the rocks or minnows feeding. The key is in the exposed, noisy brass washer that travels along the bead, in contrast with other baits that have an enclosed brass rattle.

Pressured fish are bound to respond to something new, with a unique silhouette never seen before and a tiger-bar pattern in all six color schemes (silver tiger, gold tiger, glow firetiger, glow chart tiger, glow rainbow and glow red tiger). With a natural-looking dark back and light belly, the Time Bomb rattling spoon is also available in hook sizes 12 and eight with 1/8 oz and 1/4 weights.

I had the opportunity to see these up close.  They are pretty little lures and while I don’t know if  “pretty” matters, it seems to me that Clam Time Bombs Rattiling Spoons will attract fish in dark walleye water and turbid conditions like Devils Lake.  I suspect these will catch the attention of rainbow trout very nicely as well.  To use them, you drop them down your desired depth an jiggle your rod tip up & down just a little.   This causes the parts to separate and click back together.   I can’t wait to try these!    Yes, I know…I have enough tackle to sink a small battleship but  what if this is the HOT new lure this winter?  What if every single time you drop it down and jiggle it a little, a walleye or 1 lb. perch whacks it?   This is like hitting the casino but for a whole lot less money with much greater odds of bringing home dinner!   You can’t control anything at a casino, but you can affect the fish to take a look at your lure and maybe bite it.  Fish are not as smart as casino owners.   It’s almost like cheating legally.

Fishing with a Clam Time Bomb Spoon:  I like the odds!

Order your Clam Time Bomb Spoons from Red Rock while you can right here. They will run out by mid December!