Yeah – like the Horse Whisperer, the Dog Whisperer, Dances with Wolves, Stands with a Fist, and other assorted goofy names, we now have the Lindy Perch Talker.

Fortunately, this recently-declassified, top-secret lure actually works very well for big perch.  It’s made up of solid beads and little plates in between the beads.   It rattles with a light clicking sound.  I actually know a little bit about this lure since Lindy’s developers were ordering lots of different chain hooks from us to put together the prototypes for their testing.  While this lure looks ridiculously simple, Lindy tested a ton of different combinations to come up with this final product.  They caught the most fish consistently with the configuration you see here.

Perch are a species of fish that absolutely do not mind the presence of a camera.   I have watched hundreds of hours worth of perch fishing over the last several years.  Here’s what I found out:  The reason big perch are big is because they are not stupid.  They will sit back forever, then move forward and sniff your lure and then move back again.  They much prefer to watch the little ones get hooked and dragged upwards than risk it themselves.  The other thing I have witnessed both firsthand and many times, is that they LOVE a dangling bead hook or dangling bait off of a chain below a lure.   My biggest perch were all caught on dangling chain hooks usually with a bead in the middle of the treble.   For some reason, big perch worth filleting like to bite a beaded hook hanging under a lure and they do it really sneaky-like.  It is like they are shoplifting and want to not let the lure above know that they are swiping the beaded hook just an inch below it.  It’s comical to watch on an underwater camera.

The Perch Talker allows you to gently rattle the lure kind of like the Clam Time Bomb Spoon making a more subtle clicking noise that attracts perch who are paying attention but not big predators who like to eat perch.   There is also a theory that the chain makes a subtle noise that attracts foraging fish like perch and bluegills.  Those little links all tick on each other in succession.    That is another reason I think the Perch Talker will do a better job for the slow moving, wary big perch than the Clam Time Bomb Spoon.   The Clam Time Bomb will still attract perch but also the  big predators who will chase away the perch – especially the big ones.  How do you think they got so big?  So, while the principle is similar between the Perch Talker and the Clam Time Bomb, the subtle differences will cause you to attract different species who may not all get along.

Well, knowing all the back and forth with Lindy about having us overnight ship various-sized chain hooks several times this past winter, I’m convinced that they spent a great deal of time testing to produce what worked best for catching big perch specifically.   While simple in appearance, I believe this Perch talker is going to be a phenomenal lure this winter both with minnow heads and plastics.

Order your Lindy Perch Talkers here from Red Rock