I just found out a one important difference between the ION electric ice auger in the 6 ” and the 8″ models.  I was under the assumption that each 40 volt lithium-ion, battery-powered ice auger has the same power head and a different size auger.   One would think that it is safe to assume that ION simply swapped out a 6″ auger for an 8″ auger and put the same power head  in the box.   I mean, why would we want to have more pieces to track and one more detail to remember when talking to our customers?  But noooo, Eskimo built two different power heads, each of the same voltage and each identical but for a single little reverse button.  No offense intended, but that’s just dumb.

Now that I got that off of my chest, the 2015/16 ION 6 inch electric ice auger now comes with a reverse button as does the 8 inch ION power auger.

Ion auger spec’s for both 6″ & 8″:

Key Features – 6″ with reverse

  • Lithium-ion battery runs clean, quiet, and smooth
  • Weighs 40% less than gas-powered models
  • Lightweight transmission with planetary gears
  • 34″ steel-welded auger bit is extremely tough
  • Reverse mode flushes holes clear of ice chips

Some guys want a reverse because it can make for fast hole cleaning of ice chips after drilling.    I have mixed feeling about that.    I’ve done the reverse hole cleaning with an Ice Gator electric auger and every time you catch a fish,  errant ice chips that are floating beneath the ice come up and bug me.    It’s not like I can get rid of the ice skimmer once and for all with having a reverse on an ION electric ice auger, so it may or may not be helpful.   This is the main reason everybody wants a reverse on their auger.    I did find that having a reverse was useful in unsticking an auger shaft.   In usually thicker ice, it is not unusual to get the shaft  stuck and particularly if the ice pressure-cracks through the hole while you are actually drilling.   It seems in about 15 to 20 inches of ice, that happens a lot.  A little shift in one side or the other can catch the flighting in a death lock and having a reverse gives you another direction to go when your are trying to unstick that which is stuck.    Also, your auger shaft can get stuck during break-through right at the bottom of the hole you are drilling because some of the ice gives way and some does not.    Reverse is handy there as well.

So, the decision is yours the confusion is ours.  Reverse on the 8″ or no reverse on the 6″ ION.

Order the 6″ ION ice auger here

6" shaft ION lithium battery powered ice auger
6″ shaft ION lithium battery powered ice auger

Order the 8″ ION ice auger here

ION 8" lithium battery powered ice auger with reverse
ION 8″ lithium battery powered ice auger with reverse

Note the vast difference between the two different shaft-size augers.   There is none.  The 6″ is showing the front and the 8″ is showing the back.    They are going to look the same but for the reverse button on the 8″ only.

Hopefully this straightens out everyone whom I may have confused in talking with them.

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