I’ve had the opportunity to use both the Marcum LX 7 and the Marcum LX 6 in the field – well, actually on a lake, through the ice, for ice fishing.  They both really suck in fields.  They both really excel for ice fishing.

There is always a big discussion with our customers about which one to get and  we do sell more LX-7’s than LX-6’s.

After using them each, on my own, the difference between the two units?  Well, nothing, but for two details that add up to nothing as well.

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The screen is a 6″ diagonal screen on the LX-6 and an 8″ diagonal screen on the LX-7.    I once had an irate (they are ALWAYS irate) customer call up and demand to send back an LX-6 that I sold him because when he got the unit from us two days after he ordered it  (let’s see Amazon do that ), he went over the unit with magnifying glass and a tape measure.  He was really pissed at me because (he said) I lied.  I read to him, the SAME features that Marcum puts on their box and website about the current LX-6 that we sent him.    He received that very box with the same details about the LX-6 on the the side.  One should have been able to observe that the “Features” part was professionally printed on the box and that “Joe” did NOT write them with a crayon or magic marker himself.    Nonetheless, me being the consummate liar for profit on the backs of innocent ice fisherman everywhere, I told him the screen was 6″ diagonal and I LIED about that detail –  so he said he couldn’t trust me or my words that the unit would even work as I had described it up to this point.   I asked him what the diagonal size of the LX 6 screen was because WHO measures this stuff?   Well, it turns out that the diagonal length of the LX-6 is 5.75″ making Marcum the liars in this sordid affair and causing Red Rock far more trouble and expense than this aggravation was worth.   Being that this customer caught me in my “lie” for making a profit, I told him to send it back and we refunded him, whereupon we lose even more money for the transaction fees charged us on every refund issued.   Businesses have to pay a fee to the credit card processor to refund every time an item is returned.

A newer update that this one on the Marcum LX-6 with video – Click Here

When it came back to us, I measured the LX-6 screen and found that is was NOT as described on the box!!!  Marcum did gyp the world for 1/8″ on all sides of the screen!  They do the same on their LX-7’s, too!  So, now you’ve been warned.  I wonder what else they are screwing us with for ALL THESE YEARS???!

For the rest of the sane world, I do believe that Marcum measured each screen panel correctly and when they secured them under the housing, about  1/8″ of trim has to cover up the screen to finish it off and look nice.  As a rule, I’ve concluded about 48 years ago (when I was 6) that intentionally lying about details like this would make customers angry.  Plus, if I had one dollar for every customer who calls me and says, “Well, YOU wrote on YOUR box right here….”,   I would have way enough money to go out to a nice dinner for two, complete with two moderately-priced glasses of wine.

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So, to be perfectly clear and for the last time:  Nobody at Red Rock builds ANY of these products.  I do not have a “clean room” for electronics construction in my basement.  We don’t dress up in white lab coats.  There is no tent-sewing operation in our storage building.  We do not have a bunch of Chinese or Vietnamese women sewing ice fishing suits in a sweat shop here in the northwoods of Minnesota.   And, finally, we have nothing to do with printing ANY of  the boxes for ANY of the products we sell.   Those are not our boxes with our writings.   The manufacturers supply the product to us and we, in turn, sell it to you.  We are not selling cars and have no repair shops or certified mechanics and neither do any of our competitors.    Warranty work and questions are handled by the manufacturer, not us, period.  Despite having once stayed at a Holiday Inn, I still do not know how to fix or build all of this stuff.

Well, I’m glad to get that off my chest.

The difference between the LX-7 and the LX-6, as described by the “features” part on their website is screen size and target separation.  The LX-7 has an 8″ screen (7.75″ diagonal) and the LX-6 has a 6″ screen (5.75″ diagonal).  The LX-7 has 1/2″ of target separation and the LX-6 has 3/4″ of target separation.   THAT’S IT – THOSE ARE THE TWO DIFFERENCES.

A newer update that this one on the Marcum LX-6 with video – Click Here


And what do those two differences mean to you?   Not a whole heckuva lot.  In fact, these differences add up to “doo-diddly” in most ice fishing levels of true importance.

I’ve used the LX-7 and it was an awesome fishfinder.  You can set the screen up  about 42 different ways (exaggerating here – don’t be counting all the possible ways – it’s a bunch), and the screen is incredibly readable from 15 feet away.     That being said, I’ve used the LX-6 and it was an awesome fishfinder.  You can set the screen up about 42 different ways (exaggerating here – don’t be counting all the possible ways – it’s a bunch), and the screen is incredibly readable from 15 feet away.

For the 1/4″ difference in target separation, I say:  Who cares?  Yes, I’m sure this is a HUGE detail to three perch fisherman in northern New Jersey, but for fishing walleyes, lakers, pike, largemouth bass,  and  rainbows which are all hefty-sized fish, it doesn’t matter at all.

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The only difference is that the LX-6 has a slightly smaller screen and, of course, the images are smaller as well.   If you are running two Showdown graphs and a Flasher circle, they are a tiny bit smaller.   I’ve run this configuration and all the blinky, colorful lights, drive me crazy after 10 minutes.  Too much junk.  Who needs all of that?  A flasher on one side and a graph on the other is just perfect for me.  The LX-7 was cool, but there is no reason for me to own a screen that big.   In the dark of a pop-up, I found myself dimming it down a bit because it was too much while sitting three feet away from it.    The LX-6 screen was more than sufficient for all sorts of applications and it most likely HAS to burn a little less juice.    The foot print on the two units is identical but the LX-6 is a little smaller and more pyramid-like on top giving you a little more room in the cargo sled with all your other gear piled in.  The LX-6 is $100 cheaper and well-worth the savings especially after I’ve used both.

Why do we sell more LX-7’s?    My theory, based on years of talking to ice fisherman is that “bigger is always better” and there is no other reason, period.  There always seems to be an underlying “fear” of making a purchase that may not be the biggest and the best and then going out on the ice to be completely and utterly disappointed due to a slightly smaller, incredibly readable, screen.  This, in light of the fact, that they’ve been using that Vexilar FL-8 with the fuzzed-out, tiny flasher  for the last 12 years

Both machines are identical in operation.  Both are really easy to run with very intuitive menus.  Start pushing buttons and you’ll figure it out without really needing the manual.  I DO like that.  The menu selection is easier on the Marcum LX-7 & LX6 than it is on any Lowrance or Humminbird graph unit.   It’s much less complicated to figure out how to get something to do something on the Marcums, in my opinion.

I’ve never used the update-able part where you plug it into your computer via USB and get the latest and greatest in firmware from Marcum.  I never really felt I needed any of those.  Both units each worked beautifully right out of the box and regarding electronics, if it’s working well, I don’t “fix” it.

Would I own one of these myself?  Heck yes!

If I could choose, would I take the more expensive LX-7 for the bigger screen or would I take the LX6 with the smaller screen and inferior target separation?  I’d take the LX-6 complete with the “relatively inferior”  target separation in a heartbeat.  I can read that smaller screen in detail with ease from 15 feet away.  Longer battery life, better packability.  Space is always at a premium for me.

Marcum LX-6 fishfinder
Marcum LX-7


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