I realize that as  the seller of fine electronic products that I will probably never get ahead by selling my customers what they need in reality as opposed to what they want in their heads.  Based on this knowledge, I should just shut up and sell the biggest, most expensive, most bells & whistles-loaded, electronic fishfinder I can find.  Then, I should load him up with a spare battery (maybe two) a little, wheeled cart to haul it around, and a 10 year warranty plan.  I should sell like I’m on 100% commission ( I kinda am) and treat every item we stock like a it would be a life threatening travesty to not own it.

But, that has never been my style.  I personally don’t like dumb stuff and I don’t like being “loaded up” by some salesman myself.   I like to know what will do a bad job, a good job and a great job.  The difference between “a bad job” and the rest of them is obvious.  The difference between  “good job” and “great job” is an enjoyment thing.  Ice fishing gear that performs “great” makes one’s day even more satisfying.    If you can get “great job” gear at a reasonable price that’s, well, great!

This leads me to the LX 6 flasher-graph by Marcum.  In my opinion, this is one of those “great job” fish finders.   It does a great job.  It is easy to use.  You can operate it without reading the directions.  That’s HUGE given that men seldom read directions until there is absolutely nothing at all functioning and there is no other option but to finally read the directions and not just skim them, if even that.

Skipping all the writing on the side of the box when comparing the LX-6 to the LX-7 (slightly bigger unit), as far as I’m concerned, the LX-6 is everything any ice fisherman could possibly want in a flasher-graph.  It has ample power and is easy to read and adjust.

Q.  Does it have less power than the LX-7?    A.  To that I say, “Who the heck cares!  How does it work for you if there was no LX-7 even available?”  The answer to the important question is, in my opinion, “Awesome.  It does a GREAT job!”

Q. Knowing that there is a slightly bigger screen model available in the LX-7, is there a reason to buy that one over the LX-6?  A.  No – I don’t think so.  The LX 6 is ridiculously easy to read, is very sharp in detail, operates exactly the same as the LX-7, and already has an ample screen.  Obsessing about having a “bigger is always better” screen is unwarranted to say the least.   Had they never made the LX-7 and just stuck with the LX-6, the ice fishing world would have been thrilled.

To sum up, if you bought an LX-6 and managed to ignore all those “expert opinions” on the internet and finally spent 15 minutes with it on the ice, you’d be perfectly happy with it.   It will do an excellent job.  Its battery will last longer.  It will cost you about $100 bucks less money up front.

Q.  The reason to NOT own a Marcum LX-6 over a LX-7?  A.  There is no reason.  I don’t care what anybody says.  My proof is in the pudding.  I’ve used both units.   That slightly bigger LX-7 screen is meaningless.    I can’t see the gain.  Bigger is not always better.

But, hey – it’s your money.   Don’t let me stop you from “loading up” with a bunch of stuff that I think you need.

Order a Marcum LX7 here