I like tungsten tackle.  Over the years, I’ve really used it a lot for sunnies, crappies perch, and rainbow trout.  The tiniest tungsten jigs will punch through the leaves of weeds where tiny lead jigs will hang up on them.  When sunnies are biting through the ice, nothing beats the “quickness” of tungsten when you want to get it back down to the school during the bite.  When they go crazy, they go crazy and you don’t know how much “crazy” time you have for the bite.   I like to sight fish and looking down the hole, I’ve had days where they were all just waiting for me to drop another snack like your pet Labrador.  The faster the better for me and tungsten does that well.

Northland Tackle has come out with the Sliver Spoon made out of  what they’ve branded as “Hard-Rock Tungsten”.  They are VERY similar to Swedish Pimples in all aspects of their design but for the BIG difference that they are made out of tungsten.  When you handle them in the package, they feel like tackle.  When you pull the 1/2 ounce size out of the package, you go “whoa”.  They are noticeably heavier for their relative size.   Smaller size translates into less water resistance and the heavy weight means a fast drop.  This would be handy for when the school is on the move and you need to get that lure down there quickly before they are gone.  The other thing I like is the “tail” on the split ring on the top.  It could have simply been a spinner blade, but the net result is the same.  You’ll note that the holographic effect of the lure is simple a stick-on label.  Here’s a tip: If your tackle gets beat up in the box as you are pounding across lakes, you don’t need to buy more to get new flash.  You just buy some Witchcraft tape in one of a zillion choices, cut out a shape and peel-&-stick the new label to your lure.  You can make changes in the field if need be.  It’s cheap and really effective.

I like to fish with plastics and I just tried out Maki Plastics for the first time, yesterday.  We were only fishing perch and observing them on an underwater camera.  Nothing to write home about, but I did get to test some different Maki plastic shapes and teamed up with that 1/8 ounce Sliver Spoon, these are going to be how for crappies.  Plastics are great because you don’t need to keep them alive, they don’t freeze, and re-dropping your tungsten ice spoon or jig is 10 times faster.  No messing around and you can catch 10 fish on one plastic body.  Compared to the associated costs of minnows including keeping them unfrozen, in fresh water, plus the purchase price,  I like to fish with plastics because of the convenience, effectiveness, and price.  Plastics cost less and I’ve had the same luck using only them as with using live bait.  Team them up with tungsten and I’ve got a winning combo.  Unfortunately, yesterday, I ended up forgetting to try the Sliver Spoons that are in the video.  They laid on my tackle-covered (OK, messy)  desk.  So, next Sunday will be the day.  Hopefully, I’ll find more excited fish than yesterday.  Yesterday, nobody was really thrilled that I was there.  And, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching.

Sliver Spoon Tungsten
Sliver Spoon Tungsten Glo Chub

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The TUNGSTEN SLIVER SPOON is molded from Heavy-Weight TUNGSTEN which provides a slim profile for Ultra-Fast drops, featuring Northland’s proprietary KickerTail Fin™ & Northland “holographic” Baitfish-Image®. . . these 3 have teamed up to combine for one compact, fast dropping, action filled, gorgeous spoon! Metal KickerTail Fin™ Flickers, Flashes, Kicks & Clatters to Lure Fish from a Wide Radius!