We’ve been shipping out a ton of these for two reasons:  ’tis the season for the perch and they are on closeout.

These Hail Sukkula chain hook spoons are our best selling size and chain hook.  Made in Finland, these beauties go for $7 each normally.  For some reason, we ended up with a zillion of them in stock – and they gotta go.  There are more colors here than one guy would try in a lifetime but you might want to branch out for those big perch in Devil’s Lake and Erie.  Put a waxy, a minnow head, or some small plastic and it’s bombs away with the Sukkula 50 mm.

This lure allows you to drop quickly to the passing school, offer perch attracting flash, and then present the bait, under something else with a chain that makes a tiny noise as it rolls down.  I’ve watched perch slowly sneak up and inhale a chain hook beneath a lure as if they were unnoticed.  They slowly approach, suck it in, and try to blast off out of there like the cat who caught the canary and the dog just found out.   I’ve watched this many times on underwater cameras and I don’t get why they act so sneaky and guilty, but who cares!  If they want to play games, you have the tackle you need to play them.  Hali Sukkulas.

Perch are tons of fun but more importantly, they are delicious!

Hali Sukkula Blue-White Flo Red Glow Perch (AFRB)
Hali Sukkula 50 mm Sale


Hali Sukkula 50 mm Sale
Hali Sukkula 50 mm Sale

Hali Sukkula Yellow-Flo Red Glow (YRF) Hali Sukkula White-Chart-Red Glow Perch (AWFR) Hali Sukkula Silver-Blue Perch (ASBL) Hali Sukkula Silver (S) Hali Sukkula Red Flo. Glow Perch (ARF) Hali Sukkula Green Glow Perch (AGRF) Hali Sukkula Gold (G) Hali Sukkula Flo Red-White (FRF)

Hali Sukkula for Perch
Hali Sukkula for Perch

Hali Sukkula Flo Orange Glow Perch (AFO) Hali Sukkula Flo Blue-Chart. Glow (YBF) Hali Sukkula Copper-Blue (CBL)

This is what what the chain part looks like on each Sukkula only MINUS the color-bead on the hook shank.  Sukkula hooks are plain hooks at the end of the chain.

Hali Chain Hook
Hali Chain Hook – NOTE: On Sukkulas there is NO BEAD on the hook part

These are not all the Sukkula colors.  More are listed at our catalog web page.  

A word of advice – I see it all the time – a guy will order two Sukkulas with such slight variations that we REALLY wonder if the perch (which appear to be dumber than stones) REALLY see the subtle differences.  If you really want to test the effects, instead of having two almost identical colors but for some little stripes or a splotch of red, buy widely varying colors.  I just can’t believe that they won’t bite a green one but they’ll bite a green one with a tiny splotch of red – during the same hour!   They simply are not “tuned” so tight.  If you are going to change colors – CHANGE colors!   See what happens.  Today is not your last day to go fishing.

And a second thing:  When the fish are REALLY biting well, don’t just sit there full knowing that while using only your “confidence tackle”.    When they are biting well, that is the time when you should be trying  the other colors and designs in your tackle pile so you can develop a new collection of confidence tackle and colors.  Very few people do this however with most opting to fish hard with the “only” color that works.  Then, when fishing is slow, they ALL take every single lure out of their box and drop it down into the depths.  When they catch nothing (because nothing is biting) they conclude that none of the other tackle works.    If I had a nickle for every time I’ve heard the declaration “Nothing was biting and we threw everything but the tackle box and…. still NUTHIN!”  Well, tell me exactly what was learned by that whole strategy?  Not a whole heckuva lot.

So, my recommendations for what they are worth:

1.  Don’t own 6 slight variations in color of the same lure.  I don’t care what the belief is out there – fish are not that refined.
2.  Test out tackle when the fish are biting well.  You learn nothing at all by trying the other stuff when the fish aren’t biting.

Good luck!

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