Striker Elements Shorelander Portage Shoe
Striker Elements Shorelander Portage Shoe

Rugged Country or the Beach?

If you own a more delicate model of kevlar canoe or maybe a wooden home-built canoe or kayak, you may be somewhat obsessed with never touching the shore with that watercraft for several good reasons.   You dread putting a scratch in it or worse, a hole through the side.   Whatever the reason you feel compelled to jump over the side into neck deep water to then carry your canoe to shore  over your head like an M-16, we have the NEW shoe for you.  Why?  Because jumping into the lake and landing on a sharp rock is far less good, particularly when out in the woods and far from home.

Wet Feet in Summer Good (as long as they can dry)

Jumping in the water for wading or whatever with tennis/running shoes on can work sort of, but for the rest of the day, you’ll have squishy shoes.   Not only that, many running shoes are simply not made to be submersed and they can and do lose their support, bend all up on rocky terrain, and become even hazardous to wear.  When you enter a store in civilization, your squishy feet are heard and can sometimes attract the “stink-eye” of the business owner.   Eventually, those wet shoes will turn into real stinkers and end up outside on the porch next to the door because the wife won’t let them back in the building due to the insidious and strengthening rotting goat smell.   You need something better and we have it.

Striker Elements Shorelander Portage Shoes

I have one on my right foot while I type and the first thing I noticed is the breathe-ability compared to my left foot which has a worn out Saucony running shoe on it.  The room temp is 67.3 degrees in here and my right foot actually feels a tad cold.  Turns out that  Shorelanders have mesh sides and tops.  They breathe like a window screen.   They are also nice looking shoes as well.   Not too loud in flashy colors as to draw attention to your feet by passersby as some footwear can be, either.   This Striker Elements Shorelander  lace up model looks a lot like my Saucony running shoe (I only run when I’m being chased, incidentally)

The differences between the Shorelander Portage shoe is that not only does it have a decent, protective sole designed for walking in rocky, slippery, under water terrain, it also has openings under the perforated, closed-cell, insole.  There are numerous stainless steel screens under the insole that allow your foot to drain instantly when you leave the water.   If you’ve ever submerged your running shoes, you know how much water comes out of the lake with you when you set foot on the beach.  It doesn’t want to drain because those shoes aren’t made for getting wet.  Shorelanders, on the other hand, are designed specifically for that task and if Striker designed them, they are going to be not just good , but instead, excellent.  We’ve sold Striker Brand Ice fishing clothing for years now and their designer Shawn is a genius in simplicity and practical design.  From what I  have witnessed in every product that he builds, it blows even the “big-name” designers out of the water.  And, they know it as we, as an independent retailer,  watch competing product lines change with “new” features and improvements to try to compete/match/counter with Striker Brands.  You know they are doing something right when everybody else is trying hard to follow.  (I should be getting paid for these glowing words of approval, but I’m speaking from a lot of experience and learning the product lines we sell.  They are all good.  Striker, however,  is always 2-3 steps better than the rest of them.)

Need more info?  Below is a video review of what they are like inside and out.  The big question is not “will they perform”?  That’s pretty obvious that they will.  The real question is “will they last”?  They are brand new, so I can’t answer that.  From what I can see, they are made very well with a great deal of attention paid to workmanship.  There is no excessive glue sticking out at seams, everything is made using closed cell foam of varying densities to improve traction while maintaining comfort and durability.  The stitching is very neat and precise.  Plus, they say Striker on them.  I’m going to conclude that for most people they will hold up very nicely for several enjoyable summers providing you don’t cut one with an ax while fooling around in a Boundary Waters campsite in Minnesota.  Leave the ax at home.  Bring these shoes instead.  After that great canoe trip, head down to Florida and go cast for some blues off of Cocoa Beach for me in your Striker Elements Shorelanders.  ORDER HERE

From Striker’s Page – It’s to-the-point, but “yawwwwnnnnn”.

Shorelander Portage Shoes are far more than the name implies. Constructed with mesh uppers with draining insoles and side release ports in the soles, these ultra-light shoes can be worn with or without socks. Shorelander shoes are perfect for boating, beach hikes, portaging, river floating, kayaking, wetland trekking, shore fishing and for casual use. Drains in the footbed lead to side drain ports in the sole so any water getting in drains back out. With side drain ports, you can walk in wet grass while your feet stay dry! Available in lace or slip-on styles.

  • Mesh Uppers
  • Removable EVA Insole
  • Screen Drains in Footbed
  • Side Port Drains in Sole

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