Much to my surprise (not really), I am getting requests by people who are “hemming and hawing” on whether or not to make the once in a lifetime investment in a propane powered ice auger.  You read correctly.  A “once in a lifetime purchase” for an ice auger.  I didn’t realize that in the time when one has a $500 iPhone and trades it in at the drop of a hat because iPhone 6’s are so much more worthy to own, that lifetime ownership of all equipment is now the new normal.

Order Your Eskimo Propane HC 40 Here

It’s a small engine on an ice auger for well under $500.  It’s not a home or the house that your kids will grow up in.  It’s an auger for ice fishing.  I’m shaking my head at how much “research” is needed (spent) to buy an ice auger these days and wondering what goes into the consumer mental effort of buying a $188 lawnmower at Home Depot.   Rhetorically, how does one buy a car anymore these days without endless research and assurances that it is the absolute perfect vehicle that will serve every single need that the road ahead presents?  It’s an ice auger.  If you don’t like it, man up, sell it, and get a different one!  No wonder why the economy is in the tank in a world full of ice fishermen fraught with rampant indecision.

Let me go back to “It’s an ice auger for cripes sake!”  It is not a life changing decision no matter how one looks at it.  You start the motor, squeeze the throttle, drill the hole.  It is not a highly advanced operation.  Well, I think the HC-40 motor is pretty impressive for how small it is and the fact that I have yet to hear it bog down -ever- when using it which adds to its impressiveness.  It doesn’t strain.  It won’t win any races but that is not the motor’s fault.  The auger blades are basic, but they get the job down nicely.  I honestly do not know what else anyone needs to know about this propane ice auger.

Take a frikkin’ chance already!  Order one and be done with it.  Just remember to check the oil and “spark plug up”.  Keep the propane tank warm.  That’s all you gotta do with this auger.  It’s neither difficult nor complicated.

You can order your HC-40 right here if my cynical attitude didn’t manage to insult all of today’s gentler, PC, ice fishermen.  But, “Sheesh!” already!