Everybody knows that sneaking out to the deer stand under cover of morning darkness means bringing along a flash light and blowing your cover as you travel through the brush.  What if you could just follow the markers on the trees or brush with, say, a piece of marker that indicates that you need to duck under that big, low branch?  You could do it easily with these.

These are a rubbery glowstrip with an aggressive 3M adhesive backing.  When you hit them with a bright light or daylight, they pick up a charge that lasts for a long time.  Now, will they light up the ground like fog lights on an old Chevy pick up?  No.  But they do maintain a glow for several hours that is quite visible in the darkness.  Mark a trail, indicate where a path is, go through the brush.  These would do very nicely.

Here’s how they glow in the 4″ strip after charging them in the sunlight for 4 hours:

After 2 hours in the dark, you can still see them about 60 yards away.  4 hours in the dark: 50 yards away.  6 hrs in the dark: 40 yards away.

So, after 6 hours of sitting in darkness, you still can see these strips 120 feet away!  That means that after 10 hours, it will be closer, but you’ll still be able to see them.  So, if you are going to leave them out all night to find your way in the early morning, put them closer together along the trail.

dark flexible, adhesive markers with a lot of safety uses
Trail Blazers – Glow in the dark, flexible, adhesive markers with a lot of safety uses

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Another use for these or the 46″ X 1/2 ” strip is to put them at the top or bottom of the stairs or the end of a dock.  We have docks that have big pipes sticking out of them where the wheels are attached.  A strip on each would identify where they are in the dark to prevent stubbed toes and serve as guides showing the dock edge.  Everybody knows where a dark hazard is on their property.  Lighting it up just makes it more manageable.

Glow 'em adhesive strips
Glow ’em strips – Snip off a length and stick it on for safety

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And don’t forget the tent guy markers.   They velcro on to your tent guy lines and let you know where they are in the dark.  Who hasn’t stumbled on a tent line in the dark?  They are reusable as well!

Glow 'em Tent Markers
No more crashing around the campsite or anywhere there are “strings-attached” in the dark.

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