HT produced a new tent in their Polar Fire line called the Vortex 20 & 40.   It’s a really nice, affordable, roomy thermal tent.

I like HT products.  I would say most of their many lines are affordable and very reliable gear.  I use it myself all the time.  Sure they have some cheaper rods and reels as well as other products but they also have more premium products for less-than-premium prices.  And, they work great!

This is the Polar Fire Vortex 40, thermal, pop-up, ice shelter.  It is probably made in the same factory that a whole bunch of different brand pop-up shelters come from and those factories have really become good at making pop-ups.  We’ve sold literally thousands of pop-ups in many different brands.   When you start comparing them, a pop-up is a pop-up is a pop-up.  So, being stuck on a brand name is kind of worthless – but that doesn’t stop our customers from being hung up on a name.  In our long history, we’ve had the most trouble with the biggest name in the ice fishing industry and also with the most-unknown name as well.   They were equal as far as problems were concerned.   So, when I hear someone say, “I don’t know that brand of pop-up”, I’m quick to point out that I actually do.  As a retailer and fishing enthusiast, I actually spend a lot of time with gear and am usually quite pleased, but not always.  Brand name recognition in pop-ups and ice fishing suits usually means you are going to pay more and get a little less tent.  That is not always the case, but I could name names.  It’s the same way in mountain bikes and fishing tackle.  Just because you don’t recognize the name Giant or Tica doesn’t mean they don’t produce a great product.  In other words, do not succumb to only your scope of knowledge in brand recognition when shopping.  If you know the item because a “fishing great” on TV told you all about it, it may or may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Always keep that in mind for everything you buy.

And that is my shopping two cents for this post.

Here’s a video on this new Polar Fire Tent.

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