Plenty O’ Power, no smoke, light weight electric Ice Auger by Strikemaster.


StrikeMaster® Lithium LazerTM Electric 8" Auger
StrikeMaster® Lithium LazerTM Electric 8″ Auger- Order Here


Pictures or better yet, video can tell you everything you need to know about this 50 volt workhorse.  The difference between it an the Ion X is that it runs on 50 volts, uses as standard Strikemaster lower unit with lazer blades.  I prefer Strikemaster Lazer blades for re-opening holes.   A Lazer blade begins by cutting the hole at the center of the old frozen over hole where it is usually somewhat smooth.  Then, starting with a small hole that gets enlarged as the bit sinks into the ice, the whole event is much smoother with less torque being pushed out to the handles and one’s knuckles.  Start out with two regular flat blades and watch it bounce around as they try to cut a level field to begin shaving.   A single chipper can also be better at re-opening holes because there is only one blade rotating and it starts more gradually into the hole as well, but lazers are the smoothest in my experience.   Plus, they work really well in regular ice and are EASY to resharpen.  Yes – I said EASY despite the curves and the comments by Strikemaster personnel who claim that Lazer blades can’t be re-sharpened.  Could have fooled me.

Oh, and another thing – I’ve now resharpened a fair number of Chinese-made Strikemaster Lazer blades from a few years back when Strikemaster decided to make more money over the Swedish blades.  You know what I found?  The Chinese blades were the same as the Swedish blades.  While I can feel the head-shaking disagreement as I type among some who think the Chinese blades were inferior here’s something to consider:  I would not be getting the Chinese Lazers to sharpen AFTER they were used a lot IF there was something wrong with them when the auger was new.   If they make it to me to be sharpened, there must have not been much wrong with them.  But I digress…  Since that time, due to wild fisherman outcry, they went back to the Swedish blades and the considerably higher price.  Now, everyone is marveling at how much blades cost.  Have your blades sharpened by me HERE

As for the Strikemaster Lithium Lazer Auger,  I used one and liked it a lot.   It doesn’t have a reverse but neither do any gas augers.  The reverse on the Ion Electric Augers is used by fishermen to shovel the ice chips down the hole whereby they hit the reverse button and flush the chips away.  I, too, have done this a few times.  It’s a worthless and time-wasting maneuver as far as I’m concerned because chips come up the hole all day long.  Now, I get that they would prefer to do that in a wheel house because they want to keep the ice chips inside to a minimum to prevent wetting the floor and making running around in one’s socks less enjoyable.  But, I still find the errant chips annoying so the reverse is only important in that rare occasion when one gets the auuger shaft stuck in the ice.  However, ever the reverse won’t help in some of those pressure ridge regions if you get a crack through the hole as it’s being drilled.  You can’t prepare for everything and a lack of a reverse is no big deal to me.

This is a good auger and exactly like my dissertation on the need to keep the battery warm in my  Ion X write up;  keep the battery warm.

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