Using a graph for ice fishing makes more sense than a flasher.  The net result is the same, but unlike every flasher unit, a graph will show you when something was there and you were looking away shooting the bull.  Plus, every graph has a flasher screen available for those of you who have to see your jig going around in circles.  This is a nice, basic unit featuring CHIRP technology which means about as much to me as Provision technology in a different brand.  It’s been explained to me and to tell you the truth, who the heck cares?  It’s all blahbetty blah until you drop the ‘ducer into the hole and see what it says.  I’ve used the old Lowrance Ice Machines before CHIRP technology and they worked well.  I expect the same from this unit.  The price is right and by picking up a high-speed transducer, you can use it in open water as well. It’s a win-win.

Lowrance® Hook-4x Ice Machine

Backed by trusted Lowrance sonar and navigation features, the Hook-4x Ice Machine puts you on fish quickly with its easy-to-use interface. CHIRP sonar technology gives you a complete view of the underwater environment. Enhanced sonar sensitivity, excellent target separation and superior noise rejection make it easy to see baitfish and game-fish targets on the high-resolution 4″, 480 x 272 color display. Advanced Signal Processing reduces the need to manually adjust settings. Use TrackBack™ to review recorded sonar history, including structure, transitions or fish targets, then pinpoint locations with a waypoint. Convenient page selector menu allows quick access to all features using one-thumb operation. Includes complete portable PPI-18I Ice Pack kit extras with ice transducer and battery.
  • High-resolution 4″, 480 x 272 color display
  • CHIRP sonar technology for complete underwater view
  • Advanced Signal Processing reduces need to adjust settings
  • Convenient page selector menu
  • TrackBack reviews recorded sonar history

7″W x 2.5″D x 5.5″H.
Wt: 3 lbs.