These are just plain neat!  Their little wings underneath their fins pop out and they glide further than your average jigging minnow.   It’s like trolling in one spot and the jigging action is UNPRECEDENTED!  (a 5 syllable word that means:  nobody else has one right now, but you just wait until everybody knocks it off next season)  Plus, they are fatter in size with realistic features and if you look at the one in the picture below, he looks scared!  Fear makes them taste better to walleyes.  OK, I may be making that part up, but, nonetheless – I want one of these!
Acme Hyper-Glide Minnow NEW!!!

The NEW Acme Hyper-Glide features an injected plastic minnow body with wings that resemble real fish fins and open each time the bait falls. As the wings open, the bait glides as if it’s swimming. Fish it vertically in open water and ice fishing. Shake it vertically and the wings open and close quickly. Cast it in open water to cover an extreme area as you bring it back to the boat. The Hyper-Glide searches and hunts fish on every cast! Use this bait to catch every species of fish that swims.

• Life-like gill action from wings opening and closing• Wings open and close creating a loud noise against the body

• Glides through the water

• Unprecedented jigging action

Order The Unprecedented Jigging Action of  the Acme Hyper-Glide Minnow right here and soon.  They will run out of these!