Fishing big walleyes or lake trout?  No winter tackle box is complete without a Sébile Vibrato!  These things have incredible vibrating action like other blade baits but they can be subtle on a gentle lift, wobble back down and then make the bolts in your reel rattle loose if you pull up hard!  Big fish have come out of Snowbank Lake just down the road from here with these babies!

Sébile Vibrato

Sébile Vibrato

The Sébile Vibrato vibrates when jigged, twitched, retrieved steadily, trolled at any speed, and even on the fall – ensuring you have the attention of every predatory fish in the immediate area. Its compressed body, wide belly and thin back result in constant vibration, regardless of how it is fished. The slow flutter rate on the fall results in flash and disturbance, and also allows you to target suspended fish by popping the lure on the fall to give the appearance of a wounded baitfish. Perfect center of gravity delivers impeccable control and action every time. A wire extending from the front hook to the rear hook ensures a tough tie point, while the two super-sharp treble hooks ensure solid hooksets.
Constantly vibrates, no matter how you choose to fish it
Slow flutter rate on the fall for flash and disturbance
Two treble hooks ensure you never miss a hookset

Sizes:1-1/2″, 1/8 oz. & 1-3/4″, 1/4 oz.

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