Rapala® Rod Mount Charge 'N Glow Light

You know how it is trying to glow up a jig when fishing.  You gotta grab the jig in the dark as it swings off the end of your rod.  Then you fumble for your light which is hanging around your neck or in your pocket or lost in your other gear.  Then you merge the light and jig and drop it down the hole.  Rinse & repeat in 5 minutes.

Here’s an easier way to do it.  Clip a Rapala Charge ‘N Glow to your rod handle.  When it’s time to charge, crank up your jig to about a foot from your rod end and swing it to the light that you have attached to your rod handle, glow and drop.  It’s fast, easy plus if you need to find something else in the dark, your light is right there at you fingertips all the time.

The Charge ‘N Glow is a great innovation and on sale for only $4.99!   Regular price is $9.99 so you SAVE $5.00!  While supplies last at Red Rock.

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