No more wind issues with the flag blowing the wrong way so you can’t see it!  Plus, this unique design is more portable, and you can put a glow stick in the strike indicator – that part that pops up when you have a fish on!  Another cool design by HT and while supplies last, you can pick one or two up for only $14.99 each.  SAVE $5.00!    CLICK HERE to get hooked up with the Magnum Polar Pop-up Tip-up!


The HT Enterprises Magnum Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up has a unique Magnum trip which “pops-up” a reflective indicator rather than using a traditional flag. The patented, freeze-proof design has no exposed trip mechanism or line, so high winds can’t accidentally trip it and drifting snow can’t plug it. The spool winder allows you to quickly and easily wind up your line. Set-up is as simple as unlocking the cap, opening the legs, and unlocking the spool.

Features of the HT Enterprises Magnum Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up include:

  • Patented freeze proof Magnum deluxe magnetic trip mechanism
  • Extra large 1,500 ft. spool
  • Adjustable magnet tension settings
  • Adjustable positive drag system
  • Reflective pop-up tube top for easy visibility
  • Rubber line keeper ring
  • Thermal sheath