Slender Spoon Pro Series

How do we know that Slender Spoons will be slammin’ this season?  It’s simple.

We’re not telling.

They were the hottest thing since sliced bread for walleyes only a few years ago.  Then over the course of one summer and several marketing campaigns, sales of these spoons plummeted.  Why?

  1. Did they change? No
  2. Did walleyes change?  No
  3. Did marketing to fishermen change?  Of, course.
  4. Did fishermen then forget about Slender Spoons?  Yes.
  5. Are fishermen subject to flashy marketing campaigns? Most definitely.
  6. Do Slender Spoons still work?  Yep.

So there you have it.  Proof that Slender Spoons are still hot tackle.  AND…they are on sale – Get ’em while you can and fish with confidence!

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