Humminbird ICE-55 Portable Flasher

If you want a flasher that will operate nicely with alongside of  a pile of Vexilar flashers, this is it.  Humminbird ICE “FLASHERS” are the ONLY units that will do that.

The ICE 55 ice fishing flasher has a 6-color, industry-best fiber-optic flasher display that offers unmatched performance and gives greater distinction between targets in the beam.  It also features an extreme temperature LCD with digital depth and automatic depth scale.  Its unique purple target line allows fishermen to set a visual indicator at a specific depth to know exactly how far to lower their jig.  Professional-grade carrying case included.  Rely on Humminbird ice flashers to find your spots and keep your cooler full.

Features / Specifications:

  •  Patent-Pending backlit LCD display
  •  4 depth scales (20′, 40′, 80′, 200′) in manual mode
  •  7 depth scales in auto mode (20′, 40′, 60′, 80′, 100′, 120′, 200′) are automatically adjusted on the LCD for a  very clean, easy to read display
  •  Exclusive 6-color fiber-optic flasher display delivers excellent sunlight readability
  •  2400 watts peak-to-peak power
  • 10 step interference rejection
  •  6 backlit keypad control buttons:
  •  Zoom, Gain, Noise, Beam Target cursor (gives depth at cursor)
  •  Color (3 palette settings: Vexilar, Marcum, Humminbird 6-color)
  •  Dual beam transducer
  •  455 kHz/ 9 degree, 240 kHz / 19 degree
  •  Battery voltage indicator on LCD
  •  Shuttle  mount w/ built-in gimbal bracket
  •  Soft sided carrying bag
  •  9AH battery w/ charger
  •  2 year warranty

I used an ICE55 all last winter and I really liked it!  Simple to operate, plenty of power, runs a long time – I never ran the battery down past 50% after 6 hours of continuous operation and the display is REALLY bright in a shelter. It is  harder to see in direct sunlight.  Well guess what – every other flasher is hard to read in direct sunlight.  There is no fuzziness between the bands of color due to the fiber optics so target separation is clear and defined.  The included case is substantial and very nicely made.  The purple target line may be quite handy in certain applications although I didn’t get to use it – yet.  When in deep water with suspended schools of ciscoes going by an a specific depth, I would set it just below the school’s average depth of travel so I could  just bomb my jig to that depth fast.  That’s where the lakers will be attacking.  And, that’s where I wanna be!  -JB-

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