Marcun LX9

This is the Marcum LX9, the latest and greatest combination fish finder and camera. What is so cool about this is that you can use it with the transducer just like a regular fish locator, but then you can drop down the camera and it uses the SAME screen for the fish locator and monitor. You can watch what the fish is doing off to the side of the screen digitally and see him actually moving before your eyes! That means, in one convenient screen, you can relate the digital with the real-time viewing. Unlike a regular camera, you can see what is happening in the entire water column with the locator on the screen. Comes with electric camera panner – I’ve used them, they work REALLY well.

If the fish are spooky, pull up the camera and go completely digital. This is everything wrapped up in one package. One battery runs the show. Less weight, less lugging around. Charge up one unit. It’s an investment in what you like to do more than anything in the world which is ice fishing – at least that is the case for me. After all, who doesn’t love ice fishing?

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