Yes, this is neither ice fishing nor canoeing-camping gear.  It is jewelry.  Not really the accessory for most ice fishermen of the male persuasion, but for those woman ice fishermen (?), who, despite hanging with the guys, drilling holes, and pulling out 4 lb. walleyes all day long today and 8 lb. lakers tomorrow, still like this stuff.  Yeah, it’s jewelry – but it’s actually really nice stuff, too.  Affordable and it tells your ice fishing partner who is female that she is more than merely an ice fishing machine to you.  So, get her a Clam Leech Spoon and a piece of Isara Jewelry from Red Rock and she will either wear it happily or install a split ring and put a #6 treble on it to see if a rainbow will hit that, too!  Either way, it’s a win-win!

These are realistic pieces, super thin and made out of gold plated brass.  You’ll look at the fine detail and wonder how they did that?

All sorts of different ones as well as suggestions for which species may hit them in the event they are converted into tackle.

Really nice stuff (ok, “elegant design work and detail”) by ISARA®.

  • Gold-plated brass
  • Comes ready for gifting in a black and gold display box

Isara Dragonfly Necklace

Order Dragonfly Here

(Laker, big rainbows, splake, and bass through the ice)

Isara Butterfly Earrings

Order Butterfly Earrings Here

(Big bluegills, crappie, and smaller largemouth through the ice)

Isara Butterfly Necklace

Order Butterfly Necklace Here

(Lakers, the errant walleye, bass through the ice)

Isara Dragonfly Earrings

Order Dragonfly Earrings Here

(Bass, definitely – large mouth through the ice)

Isara Heart Earrings

Order Heart Earrings Here

(Good for Walleyes, Crappies)

Isara Heart Necklace

Order Heart Necklace Here

(Lake Trout and Big Northerns)

Isara Hearts-a-Flutter Earrings

Order Hearts-A-Flutter Earrings Here

(Perfect for panfish and stream trout)

Isara Moose Earrings

Order Moose with calf earrings here

(These are for female decoration only.  Nothing bites moose.)

Isara Moose Necklace

Order Moose with Calf Necklace Here

(Alas, these, too are for female decoration only.  Nothing bites moose.)

Isara Pawprint  Necklace

Order Bear Paw Prints Necklace

(Maybe a laker or big northern on this one)

Isara Pawprint Earrings

Order Bear Paw Prints Earrings Here

(For crappies under the influence of ecstasy other mind altering substances.  Only good for decorating a female human.)

That’s as far as I can take you in the realm of jewelry, being of the male persuasion.   For now, you’ll need to figure out the rest on your own, but there are a bunch of pieces on our catalog site and you can see them all by clicking here.