Warm, breathable and affordable.  That is an accurate description of these great fleece jackets.  They are nicely made and a steal at under $30.  You can go online to a large, well-known online retailer and pay more for one there than you can at Red Rock if you want.  If you have extra money to burn, that still makes no sense, but I digress.

If you are sitting in your pop-up icefishing with the heat on, you don’t need your parka, but you DO need something usually that is more than a sweatshirt.  These jackets are nice to wear as both a  warm underlayer in the winter when it goes sub-zero for real and also in the fall and spring as a stand-alone layer.  Super value,  a bargain and we have yet to find anybody who wasn’t very happy to own one.  They look sharp and you will, too.  People will compliment your jacket more that you could imagine.  We have first-hand experience with this.  Now compliments, while they make one feel warm & fuzzy, still don’t cut it like a warm jacket.  But if the compliments are about about your choice in warm, fuzzy, jackets – it’s win-win!

The men’s is a slightly heavier weight fleece than the woman’s and has no hood.  The woman’s is cut to the female form and has a hood.  So, whether you are ice fishing or just running around town, these both make very attractive outer wear that lasts a pretty long time unless you beat the heck out of it like I did my brown plaid for three years.  Pretty much wore it for 8 months of the year.  It’s still good, but the dogs commandeered it for a warm bed that smells like the big dog.  I have to figure out how to de-fur it and then throw it to wash.  Or, maybe I’ll just get a new one.

Get one for yourself or a great anytime gift for someone who likes to be warm.

Maxxsel Buffalo Plaid Women's Jacket
Order Woman’s Buffalo Plaid Fleece Jacket with Sherpa lining Here

Maxxsel Buffalo Plaid Men's Jacket

Order Maxxsel Buffalo Plaid Heavy Weight Fleece Jacket with Sherpa lining Here