kevlar canoe sale
SAVE $400 and get FREE Yoke Pads ($50 value) for a limited time only!

Getting a news Quetico 17 for this summer?  Now is the best time to do it.  50% non-refundable down-payment is required.  Call now 218-365-4512 to order your Souris River Canoe!

Souris River Dealer

kevlar canoe sale SALE on Souris River Canoes

We sell Souris River Canoes.  They are kevlar canoes and easily blow all the other brand kevlar canoes out of the water.  Souris River’s Quetico 17 in kevlar is THE most user-friendly, predictable canoe on the market and has been so since 1999.  You can look at other brands and think they are the same because a “canoe is a canoe is a canoe” but you will, without the slightest doubt, be completely wrong.  Now, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I have far more experience that the average canoe retailer and decades more experience than even seasoned paddlers when it come to every aspect of Souris River Canoes.  I don’t have to make it up and I’m not too worried if you choose to not believe me.  And, yes, I do not believe in making a pitch for Souris Rivers by saying that “there are…

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