Nils Master High-Velocity Hand Auger - SOLD OUT FOR SEASON

Nils Master High-Velocity Hand Auger

Sold Out for Season as of 4:10 PM,  Feb 4, 2014

4.5"  Price is $119.95

  8"   Price is  $189.95


Go ahead and say you don't believe it, but I know what I know!  I drilled an 8" inch hole in 26" of ice in 22 seconds flat (BY HAND!) and didn't even break a sweat!  Then I did it 5 more times. This was in northern MN ice five miles from the border - not some mushy crap down by Minneapolis and the other cities located there along the Equator. 

So, you think you need to buy a gas auger because hand-augering sucks?  Well think again!  This Finlander auger is the greatest auger innovation since sliced bread and I have proven it myself.  Remember your "beloved" old, regular , cheapo (not-so-cheapo anymore) hand auger?  See the mushroom-knob handle on the top?  Remember pushing down on the mushroom with your hand (and cheek) while your other arm summons every last bit of energy to grind the blades thru the ice?  Then your grinding arm gets tired and you switch arms for a couple more pumps - then back again.  By now sweat is dripping along the front of your ear and your mitts are laying on the ice, your jacket unzipped.  Then, you get your brother to use both of his arms to piston that auger handle around like a crankshaft while you act like a bearing and hold down on the mushroom.  BOY - ICE FISHING IS FUN!  You dream of the day you can afford a gas auger as you dehydrate in a freezing pool of sweat in the wind...

Then came Red Rock with  the Nils Master auger built by Finnish gods of ice fishing!  No mushroom to push down upon, no flares at the bases of the handles to aid in the exercise in misery.  JUST turn the OFFSET handles and let the weight of the auger take you through the thickest ice.  No blade-attaching bolts (who ever thought this was smart,  anyway?) that you have to muscle through the ice with the blade edges (make sure they are tight, too!)  You'll find stick-thru bolts on EVERY other hand auger in the world and nobody but those Finlanders figured out how to make a truly better hand auger!  

With a Nils Master hand auger you get just smooth, razor sharp edges that do their job for you as they tear thru the ice.  Plus, there are extra flutes (sprials) that allow the pumping of more ice chips out of the hole so you aren't having to turn all that extra ice weight laying on top of  the auger in the hole.   Cutting an 8" hole with a Nils Master hand auger takes about the same amount of effort as hand drilling a measly 5 INCH HOLE with a Strikemaster Lazer hand auger.  You WILL leave your buddies in the dust (or snow) every time.  And, by the time your buddy gets that old gas auger of his cranked up,  you'll be setting out your tip-ups and checking for fish with your flasher.

GET THIS:  Down the road, when you hit the ripe old age of 80, you might get the Tanaka motor and the special adapter and let fly again for another 20 years!  That's a 600 hour rated industrial motor and it's built to get the job done with ease.  Turn the whole shebang into a 22 pound gas auger and drill 26" of ice in 11 seconds!!!! Nobody else's augers can go from hand to motor like this and then back to hand for a drill back to the good ol' days.    

So if the budget is tight or you are just plain frugal, start with the hand auger first and add the motor down the road.  The Nils Master hand auger is not cheap, but you get what you pay for , for sure.  You will not be disappointed!  It's less than one third the cost of any other gas auger, weighs less, always starts, burns NO gas, and is easy to use.  Skip the Powerpoint option - you do not need this option. It's just extra junk to push around in the ice.  I've been there, done that and I'm not convinced that it is so dang important.   The Powerpoint is available only on the 8" diameter blade not on the 6" or 4.5" blades.  Which ever you end up with regarding blade diameters, this Nils Master auger will be one of your best ice fishing investments ever!  -Joe B.-

 The Factory Description is a bit more mundane

The experts in Finland say they can cut through 20" of ice in a minute or less with this easy-to-use hand auger. The high-precision chromium blade cutting head is equipped with tightly wound fluting for easy ice chip removal. A fold-down handle makes it easy to store and transport out on the ice. Made in Finland. 8".

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8" NILS hand auger
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crappienut (ME) - January 16th 2014
I finally bought the 8" NILS auger after trying a friends 6" one last year. This thing is amazing! I have owned other hand augers for years and the NILS tops them all. I fish a lot of ponds that I walk into, so weight is an issue (over 60 now). I have had a power auger for over 25 years as well. After trying the NILS I sold it. A friend tried it and said this is CRAZY! I thought this thing was gonna suck me down the hole with it. Thanx for a great product.