Granite Gear Immersion Waterproof Portage Pack

Granite Gear Immersion Waterproof Portage Pack

We set our sights high when we decided to develop a welded waterproof portage pack. The goal; a fully waterproof pack that offered the comfort and durability people have come to love in our Expedition Series Portage Packs. To achieve this we knew the shoulder straps, belt and back needed to match what we use in the Expedition Series and the material had to have equal abrasion and puncture resistance. Welded vinyl packs just don¹t have a reputation of holding up to use in the rugged, rocky BWCA or Quetico. One small puncture can cause them to literally suck water into the pack and they get abraded quickly and easily! We chose a 500 Denier fabric with a Beefy TPU laminate to be waterproof, durable and weld-able. We used the exact same sewn and stuffed shoulder straps and belt from the Expedition Series and developed an innovative way to attach them to a fully welded pack without compromising how waterproof the pack is or hurting the comfort in any way. A full roll closure is easy to load and tight as can be. So, if you're the type that has a habit of finding yourself in the water holding on to your canoe and your gear while floating down the rapids, or you just like to paddle in the rain and you want your pack to be able to sit in bilge water all day this pack is our answer to your dreams. Enjoy it, but don't drown yourself!

Volume:   5250 cu in 
 Dimensions:   18 x 24 x 10 in 
 Weight:   4 lb 3 oz 
 Color:   Royal Blue  

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Price: $329.95


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