Red Rock Super Pack

Red Rock Super Pack

The Tired of hangin' that pack? Get our Red Rock Super Pack and you'll be set for better portaging and handier gear! Now, when you get to camp, take the Super Pack up to the site and pull the two 30 liter, air & water tight barrels out of the pack. Use them to keep your food and it's associated odors sealed off from the outside world. Use the two barrels as two chairs while in camp. When you leave camp and/or at nightfall, standing at your fireplace, stash one barrel 50 feet to the left and the other barrel 50 feet to the right, in the brush. Throw a couple of rocks and/or sticks, maybe an old downed log over the barrels to break up their appearance as they lay in the brush. Make sure you don't fry fish next to the barrels or smear grape jelly on the outside. Also, don't leave them unattended on a trail or the path to the biffy - bears walk on paths, too. What you are trying to do is minimize exposure to bears. You don't have to go crazy in camoflaging them. If they are clean and odor free on the outside, they are not a target. If you have the misfortune of getting the last campsite on the lake and it's laden with bear sign including fresh scat, a ring of bark at the base of the hangin' tree from where the bear has been running up and down the previous night, do this: Tie a rope around the necks of your two barrels, take them 15 feet offshore and anchor them floating in the lake. It's pretty unlikely that a land animal like a bear will swim out and go "bobbing for apples" to see what's in those barrels. Contrary to myth and various internet bulletin boards, these barrels are incredibly tough, but not "bear proof". Bears just don't want them because a sealed up barrel smells like food-grade polyethylene which is a very clean, inedible plastic. While portaging, remember to get the pack on your shoulders and then reach behind your head and pull each of the cover straps snug for a great fit up against your back. For short-torsoed folks, pull out the hip belt, flip it over and re-install it back in its slot. Easy to do and requires no tools. Each Red Rock Super Pack is custom built for Red Rock by Kondos Outdoors of Ely. The Super Pack holds both barrels beautifully and allows an extra 6" of space on top for things you may need quick access such as raingear, lunch, a 2-3 man tent, etc. It's easy to carry with a built-in foam-padded back, 2 contoured padded shoulder straps complete with sternum strap and hip belt. Made out of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon containing 2-8 gal/30 liter barrels (20" H x 12" W) with tough dependable "V" channel lock band. Pack is 6684 cu in. Too much room for your food? Put the food in one barrel and your clothing or other things you want to protect and keep dry in the other barrel. Just don't put the yhour clothes in a barrel with hard German salami. You might end up with a bear licking your ear on the portage...

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