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We’ve done a ton of work at to bring you the goods on ice fishing gear, open water fishing, outdoor gear, and canoe information.  Visit our Link List below and click around our website quickly as well as into our online catalog.  This Red Rock Ice Fishing Link page is oriented towards ice fishing gear and a work in progress so if is not even close to complete.  Eventually this will cover all the topics that we cover for ice fishing and everything else, so check back frequently! Thanks for looking and enjoy!

Ice Augers (power and hand):

Eskimo HC 40 Propane Auger
Eskimo HC-40 Propane Auger Vs. Jiffy Pro 4 Auger
Eskimo HC 40 Propane Auger Youtube Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
Eskimo HC 40 Propane Auger – Order Online
HT Polar Fire Power Ice Auger – Video Review

Polar Fire Ice Auger Review
Ice Auger Blade Sharpening
Ice Auger Blade Sharpening – What NOT to do

When it’s Time to Buy New Blades for your Ice Auger
Ice Auger Blade Sharpening – Order Online
Ion X Electric Ice Auger – New Power, More Holes, New Features
Ion X Ice Auger Lithium Auger – Order Online

Jiffy PRO 4™ Lite PROPANE Powered Ice Drill – Review
Jiffy Propane Ice Augers – Order Online
Nils 10″ Power Ice Auger
Nils Blade Sharpening – Get Address to Frank Deluca
Nils Hand Auger Youtube Video – Auger is Supposed Defective

Nils Hand Auger Youtube Video – 6″ Nils Blasting thru Ice
Nils Ice Augers – Dumb things to do with any ice auger
Nils 10″ Power Ice Auger – The Beast

Nils – Do you REALLY need the Power Point?

Nils Cordless Ice Auger
Nils Trekker Ice Auger Set
Order a Nils Trekker Auger Set Here
Nils Ice Augers – Order Online

Ice Fishing Pop-up and Shanty:

Eskimo 9416 i – Insulated tent for ice fishing with a gang.

Clam Six Pack 1660 Mag Thermal Pop up Ice Shelter – Putting it up SOLO & Flip-Over OR Pop-up?
Clam 1660 Mag Thermal – Order Here
Clam 1660 Mag non-thermal – Order Here
Eskimo Fatfish 949i Insulated Portable Ice House
Order a FatFish 949i Here
Polar Fire Vortex Thermal – 4 man – Review
Polar Fire Vortex Thermal – 4 man-Youtube Video
Eskimo 6120 Set-up

Electronics for Ice Fishing – Flashers, Cameras, Graphs

Marcum Recon 5 Underwater Camera

Marcum Recon Plus – Buy Online

Marcum LX 7 vs. Marcum LX 6

Marcum LX6 compared to LX7 – another post

Marcum RT-9 Super Computer Fish Finder

Vexilar FLX-28 Depth Finder

Vexilar FL 28 – Order Online

Lowrance® Hook-4x Ice Machine

Lowrance Hook 4X – Order Online Cheaper Model

Lowrance Hook 4X – Order Online – $100 more model

Fish Finders – How Important are all those doo-dads?

FL-18 Genz Pack w / 12 degree Ice Ducer

FL-18 Genz Pack

Humminbird ICE 55 Flasher

Order Humminbird ICE 55 Right Here

Lowrance® Hook-5 Ice Machine

Order Lowrance Hook-5 Ice Machine Here

Marcum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System 8″ LCD Dual Beam w/OSD Camera

Marcum LX 9  – Order Here

Vexilar FL 20 Ultra Pack – Solid Fish Finder for All Conditions

Order a Vexilar FL-20 with Proview  Transducer Here

Marcum VX-1i – Color Sonar Flasher for ice fishing

Order Marcum VX1i Here

Ice Rods & Reels

Ice Rods – How Picky do you Need to Be – Really?

Pflueger® Monarch™ Ice Reel


Wool Power – Merino Wool underwear from Sweden – the best money can buy

Red Buffalo Plaid, Heavy Weight Fleece Men’s Jacket with Sherpa Lining

Order Men’s Heavy Weight Buffalo Plaid Fleece Jacket with Sherpa Lining HERE

Women’s Red Buffalo Plaid Jacket in Fleece with Sherpa Lining

Order Warm Women’s Buffalo Plaid Jacket Right Here


Hali Aatu Ice Jig-32 mm

Ice Off – Keeps the hole open with no more skimming!

Trout Jigs for Lakers – Get Hooked!

Gitzit 3/4 Ounce Tube Jigs – for lakers – Order Online

Acme Hyper-Glide Minnow NEW!!!

Ice Fishing Gear

Frabill Pro-Thermal Insulated Tip-up-1660 – Order Here

Jewelry (yes – jewelry for women – they like jewelry)

Isara Jewelry – Check this out!


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